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Joe Sokolov, SOFTWARE

"My sister is a teacher," said Joe. "She told me that her University students could not read the comments she wrote in cursive. That's when I decided to create a handwriting app for cursive writing.

"I wanted to build an app where there is no way to make a mistake," said Joe. "The cursors guide the strokes for each letter, helping develop the coordination needed for success.

"If the user picks up a finger while tracing the letter, the cursor waits until it is touched again. This is especially helpful for children and anyone with coordination challenges."

Leslie Arwin, ART

"When I was growing up, signs had to be painted by hand. Fine penmanship is now a rare skill," said the artist.

"I hope that Scriptogram users can develop an appreciation for beautiful lettering by sending a note in their own handwriting.

"In LetterWorks, children can have fun looking for surprises hidden under the letters. When the program reads the words read aloud, children may learn new words."

charlotteCharlotte Frutig, VOICE

Our voice actor lives in Los Angeles, California.

Scriptogram uses a cursive font called Learning Curve.

LetterWorks is drawn in a Zaner-Bloser type font. This font is the printing curriculum of choice in the US, fostering reading development and the transition to cursive writing.


Drawings were created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 using a Wacom tablet.
Voice recordings were edited using Audacity from www.audacity.com.
Other sound effects from www.freesfx.co.uk.

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