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"As the programmer," said Joe Sokolov, "I wanted to build a letter game where there is no way to make a mistake. The cursors guide the strokes for each letter, helping develop the coordination needed for successful writing.

"If the user picks up a finger while tracing the letter, the cursor waits until it is touched again. This is especially helpful for very young children and anyone with coordination challenges."


"As the artist," Leslie Arwin said, "I want children to be able to enter a world of beautiful letters. We created letters out of familiar objects, like ice cream, and some unusual ones, like kelp and Saguaro cactus.

"By hearing the words read aloud, children learn to pronounce them. Images hidden under the letters will keep both children and adults guessing. We provide an info button so that an adult can read about the objects."


Charlotte Frutig recently completed a 2-year acting conservatory program at the Acting Studios, Inc in New York City. She is currently studying acting in Los Angeles, California.

LetterWorks uses a Zaner-Bloser style font, Schoolhouse SchZBPrint. The Zaner-Bloser style font is the writing curriculum of choice in the US, fostering reading development and the transition to cursive writing. This font is available from vLetter, www.vletter.com, at www.schoolhousefonts.com.


Drawings were created in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.
Voice recordings were edited using Audacity from www.audacity.com.
Other sound effects from www.freesfx.co.uk.

Future projects include a cursive writing game.
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