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alphabet game
builds strong


1. Phonics
2. Vocabulary
3. Printing Practice
4. Upper & lower case
5. Letter names
Letter shapes
7. Positive feedback
8. 8 different themes

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ABC Airplane
is the original version
for iPad 1

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ABC Airplane is $.99 on the App Store

HDiscover letters made out of animals, plants and everyday objects.
Practice printing letters and words.

LetterWorks has over 100 original drawings and eight custom cursors.
Cursors include a question mark, space shuttle, butterfly and more.

Images hidden under the letters will keep children guessing.
Adults can use the info button to read about the objects.

How to play:

bellaChildren's Technology Review writes:

"Letter tracing is more fun when you have your own set of drawing tools, especially when one is a pretty monarch butterfly who leaves a trail of flowers as you trace over the letter."

Posted by CTR Editorial on March 20, 2013
(Review of initial version, ABC Airplane)

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